Life of my Own

It’s 12:29am, and I can’t sleep so I have nothing better to do then to create a blog.. So now the daunting task of what to write about for my first post… Well, I guess I should first warn you if you decide to read this that I tend to ramble and have horrible spelling and grammar. But, if you can look past that then I hope you will enjoy some things that are on my mind…

Every year around Christmas and New Years, I look back on the year that is about to pass by. I think of all the moments that once seemed so important and vital to my life start to become just things of the past. And every other year except this one I look back and am happy to know that they are just snippets in my ever going life. But this year it’s different.

Here I am at sixteen years old, in my onesie pajamas, in the comfort of my brightly pink decorated room, realizing that five months from now this will be my past, my childhood. This was always what I wanted, I rushed to grow up so fast because I dreamed of the adventure filled life as an adult. I craved the independence to create the life I wanted to live, not held back by parents or any adult that felt superior. My mind has been fixated on that simple impression on what it is like to be grown up, and in a few short months I will be facing the truth that maybe it isn’t at all what I had expected. I’m not writing this because I feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia or wishing I never grew up. I’m simply saying the unchartered territory of my future is creeping closer and it is scary. It is completely unknown, and maybe that is the greatest part of it all. Because in five months when I get on that plane for Hawaii, I get to create my own life. And as scary and nerve-racking as it may seem to grow up and start my life alone, that is the beauty of it all. I can finally call it a life of my own.

Just some thoughts that crossed my mind on my failed attempt to fall asleep…



4 thoughts on “Life of my Own

    2. Im coming to visit! 😛
    3. Enjoy your childhood! Growing up happens too fast! With that being said… living your own life is amazing, no matter how different and challenging it is! It is YOUR life! You have the control and the ability to decide what is best!
    4. You will be fine!!
    5. Miss you!

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