Plans. Be the next Rachel Ray..

Normally when I refer to plans, I mean the distant future. My mind doesn’t really work well with the present, it works more in the far off world that I imagine my life to be. I have had my life planned down to the color of door I want for my first house (red), the names of my children (Lila, Brooklyn, and Ashton) and even the name I wish for my husband (Derrick, I just love that name). But, the more I look at it I’m pretty sure there is no point in planning everything out when a lot of things in life are not in my control. So I’m taking my planning down to a more reasonable timeline and creating something for me to look forward to that I wouldn’t have to wait for years to come.

And this grand plan is to be a wonderful cook..

The reason I chose this is because I am a awful chief. My multiple attempts to bake, cook or even microwave have turn out to be more of a fire hazard then anything else. I have managed to burn ramen noodles, set fire to Easy Mac, and give my sister food poisoning from my chicken fettuccini. I have taken cooking classes from the basics to the more advanced ones where you learn to cook international foods. Even with all that time working on it I still have not improved one single bit.

here are some examples….

But this is all going to change and here is how…

I plan to pull a “Julie & Julia” styled cooking month. If you are unfamiliar, Julie & Julia is a movie of a girl that takes Julia Childs cooking book and tries a new recipe each day and blogs about it. But don’t fret, I won’t blog about my cooking, I’m sure it would bore every one to tears including myself. I’d rather just try it on my own and by the end of January give you my update on how this adventure turns out. This normally isn’t something I would do and that is exactly why I am doing it. I’m sick of doing the same old thing with my time and I might as well try something different. Who knows, maybe cooking is my hidden talent..




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