Alittle past Thanksgiving, but better late than never.

Happy New Year!! I’m going to keep this post short, sweet, and to the point. But, don’t let its shorter length fool you, it’s important!

There is never a better feeling then the waking up to a new year ahead of you. It’s the time where you can start new, and let everything from last year stay in last year. But, I have realized something that I had put on the backburner before this fresh breath of 2012. And that is, how blessed I am.

For me, I get so caught up in the “to do list” in my planner, and the current problems that at the time feel like the end of my world, and I forget to be thankful. So, what better thing to do then start off 2012 and be thankful for all the things God has given me and blessed me with. The list is ever going, in one sitting I cannot list of all the things I am grateful for. So, instead of boring you I have decided to share the greatest blessing, and that is one person who has been there for me through it all… My sweet Jessica Rifley.

I don’t even know where to begin. Without Jessica in my life I wouldn’t be who I am today, cheesy I know, but it’s the absolute truth. She has been there for me when things with my family were super messed up and when I was struggling to find something positive in my life. She has helped me with a horrible break up, and some really dark times. But, she has also been there in my happiest moments, and crazy adventures. I honestly believe she is my angel. If there was one person that has made the greatest impact on my life it would be her. She has taught me to let go, and showed me self-worth when I never thought I would see it in myself.

There is so much more to say about Jessica but to keep myself from writing pages, I’m going to conclude by saying that I am so blessed to have Jessica Rifley in my life. She is my best friend, my sister, and my angel. I am forever grateful for her.



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