Qigong, my source of happiness.

Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living? 
-Bob Marley

Qigong, I’m sure very few of you reading this have even the slightest clue to what it is, and that was me as of six hours ago. I enrolled myself in the class with no prior knowledge, other than the class description on balancing your energy with healing. That description sparked an interest that I had to follow.

So, upon arriving to this class, I was asked to take off my shoes. As I do, I quickly glance around the room only to see it is filled with some interesting people of all ages. And I mean ALL ages, there was a man in his mid-thirties sitting next to an elderly man in his seventies. Me being only sixteen, felt completely out of place, and regret of signing up for the class immediately crossed my mind thereafter my entrance. But, I couldn’t back out now, I took a seat next to a man with hair longer than mine, hoping I was invisible to everyone within the room. Though I’m positive I stuck out like a sore thumb.

Then as class began, I timidly introduced myself to everyone. While on my way back to my seat, the teacher stopped me and asked why I took this class. He didn’t mean it in a “you don’t belong here, so why are you here” type of tone, it was just a curiosity on why a young girl like me would be interested in this kind of class. Like always, I pause for awhile to come up with the perfect and presentable answer to why, and the only thing that came to my mind was a quote from Bob Marley on if I was satisfied with my life. And the honest answer is no. And that is why I took this class, to find something within myself to bring me peace. I want to find some knowledge beyond western medicine to solve depprestion or just sadness, and here in America it’s simply a pill to the solution. But, how can a pill take away or cure something within the soul? That’s what this class is about, finding peace and self-healing within the soul, not “fixing” the body like pills claim to accomplish. So, my response to the class was the usual answer of “it just interested me” while in reality what I said before was the reason why.

After introductions, the teacher started us off with some breathing and what he calls the “bear stretches” which included flailing my arms back and forth as I bounce, all in a very calm yet fast manner. Not the most attractive thing for me to be doing but, the moment I stopped I felt a lot better. I felt energized and my mind felt clear and calm. And that is a feeling I haven’t felt in the longest time. We didn’t do much of the practice of Qigong whereas we talked about what it is this first class period, but I can honestly tell you I feel happier. I do not know why, or how the flailing of arms can be good to the soul, but it just is.

With only three hours of this class I have felt an immense amount of stress relief and just a feeling of happiness. I found something that I want to do my whole life. I want to pursue this, because it makes me happy. And, after meeting these interesting people, I found a love for them as well. There was a sense of unitedness within that class. It felt like home. I finally found my source of happiness.



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