My dreams of crowd surfing at a Enya concert.. Bucket list.

I believe everyone is born into the world to do something unique and something distinctive. ~ Benjamin E. May

If you know me at all, you would know I bring up my bucket list in every conversation possible. Nothing makes me happier than the thought of a well-fulfilled life, packed with adventures to tell everyone about my “back in the day” stories. But, as many times as I have tried to write mine down, I never seem to find the time to compose them all. So, today I thought I would get as much of them written for me to carry out one day.  Here we go..

 “50 Things to do Before I Die.”

  1. Go crowd surfing at Warp Tour (or an Enya concert if the crowd would be willing, worth trying)
  2. Fly in a helicopter
  3. Go streaking at a public event (the more people the better)
  4. Go to BYU Jerusalem for the religion program
  5. Start a collection of every nail polish by OPI
  6. Paint my house bright pink
  7. Go ice fishing
  8. Paint a life-size mural
  9. Visit a Vihara in Nepal and learn more about Buddhism
  10. Become a vegetarian for a week (if that is even possible for me)
  11. Visit the Seven Wonders of the World
  12. Make out with John Mayer and Ryan Gosling (at separate times of coarse)
  13. Travel to Asia and master Qigong
  14. Live in New York City, in a studio apartment
  15. Be in a legit drag race
  16. Buy a original 1950’s circle phone
  17. Make my own ice cream flavor for Ben and Jerry’s
  18. Run a half-marathon(I say half because I can’t even run a mile in under 12 minutes)
  19. Sky Diving (I know everyone has that on their list but I’m serious about this. it’s a dream of mine)
  20. Kiss in the rain like a Nicholas Sparks book
  21. Go to Cosmetology school
  22. Have Leonardo DiCaprio babies (probs not gonna happen since he is married to a total fox, but a I can always dream)
  23. Visit the Cave of Amarnath
  24. Read the Blah Story by Nigel Tomm (it is one of the worlds longest books)
  25. Fall in love in Paris (if it were to happen it would create the BEST love story)
  27. Get in a bar fight (just for giggles)
  28. Be taught to surf by a professional surfer
  29. Meet the Dalai Lama
  30. Be married in the Laie Hawaii Temple
  31. Write a Novel and get it published (always been a dream of mine)
  32. Go to the US Library of Congress in Washington DC.
  33. Join the Peace Corps
  34. Party with a famous person (preferably Lindsey Lohan or someone known for having too much fun)
  35. Get a tattoo on my rib cage saying “let it be like breathing” (it’s my favorite saying, hence my blog title)
  36. Be a yoga teacher
  37. Sing karaoke in front of a huge crowd
  38. Go on a month-long road trip
  39. Learn how to juggle
  40. Go shark cage diving (one of my biggest fears)
  41. Go on a safari in Africa or somewhere exciting
  42. Apply to Harvard (just to see if I could get in)
  43. Go to Los Vegas and blow a few thousand dollars (it’s worth the experience)
  44. Go skinny dipping in the Trevi Fountain in the middle of the night
  45. Watch the Ball drop on New years in Times Square
  46. Propose marriage to my boyfriend and not the other way around  (ring, knee and all that good stuff)
  47. Make a bucket list with my husband for things to do as a couple
  48. Be an entrepreneur and be the boss. 
  49. Take a class on Hinduism
  50. Write a love song with Christopher Drew

These are my dreams, what I hope to be apart of my life story… I’m going to make it happen!!



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