Plans. Be the next Rachel Ray. Part 2

Here is my update on my month-long Cooking overhaul as promised.. And as expected I failed miserably. If I was awarded for effort then I would get 100% but, life doesn’t work that way and I received a 2% in reality.

Day one started strong. I even brought in some back up help to accommodate me in my grand crusade of chocolate pretzel making. Now, you would think that it would be impossible to screw it up, but knowing me and my lack of God-given womanly talents, I did mess it up greatly. Keeping the pretzels in one shape and not crushing them took up most of my time yet with all the added precaution I still managed to only use half due to the half eaten or damaged ones. The other incidents were the massive mess I made from a failed attempt at taking them out of the oven, and my lack of patience by taking them out way early only to realize they where grossly hard. But over all I would say day one brought me the most success.

Day four was with my good friend and future homemaker, Jessica. I would claim that the brinner (breakfast for dinner) “we” made was all me, but I would be lying. She did it all while I watched and listen to some Beatles songs still counting this as a day of cooking. But, I did however, stir the hash browns for a few minutes until my arms got sore from the intense workout and gave up. Everything turned out wonderful except for the hash browns that only I played a part in. I took a picture to prove the deliciousness that Jessica made, (take a look at the back right burner..Yup that’s all my work, burnt hash browns.)

Day five through yesterday grew to be my biggest struggles. From only butter alfredo to spaghetti sauce without the tomatoes, I would say proved my failure at being Rachel Ray. What officially push me over the edge in this experiment would be last night as I put macaroni noodles in a pot without the boiling water or ever water on the stove and came back confused as to why my noodles were hard and slimy. That was the my turning point to learning a place in the kitchen is not for woman… or I am apparently not a woman, either way I guess.

Now I’m on to new explorations that do not involve spatulas or ovens. Wish me luck on what ever that is…



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