Change came and bit me on my ass..

Well, I’m going to start of with a major cliché just because I can..

Life is change. It’s inevitable, ever going and never stopping… Life. Is. Change. So, this pretty much sums up what I have to say about this week.

I have some unwanted updates to give. As of four days ago, I found out my dream/plan for Brigham Young University Hawaii will be put on hold. Everything I have worked for these past years is now put off to another “someday.”

I’d rather not get into details as to why I am not going, but all I can really put into words is that I’m dissappointed that I have to go somewhere else. I had such high hopes and dreams for my adventures in Hawaii this year, it’s what I have always wanted.

Here comes the butts → But, it’s not a never.. it’s simply a later. No kid likes to hear the word “later” when asking for candy, No adult wants to hear “later” on getting a raise, and I myself do not want to hear “later” on my plans for Hawaii.. But, it’s a part of life, it’s unwanted But inevitable.

While I am waiting for Hawaii, I’m moving to Provo Utah for college. Maybe this is where I need to go, I do not know but it’s a maybe. I wish I could say some life changing/inspirational statement to make myself sound adjusted and mature to the situation but I’m not at that point yet. As for now, I’m just taking this step by step and trying to handle this let down.

So, as I said before, life is change. And, as unwanted as it is, my plans have done just that. But, what hasn’t changed is my plans to go there someday for college, that is all that is keeping me positive. Someday wonderful…..

Until then,

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