The three A’s of awesome!

If you have 20 minutes or so, I STRONGLY suggest you watch this video. It is truly inspiring, I love the message this man has to share. Currently, I am working on blogging more on the “awesome” things in life, because watching this helped me realize all the simple things I take for granted. Because often the good things are over shadowed by the stresses of everyday life. This man says it perfectly, so take some time and watch, it is well worth it!

So, be ready for less blogs about the hardships, and more on the simple joys that my life has had and has in store. Also, I’m writing some more poems and I’m so excited to share them. And lastly, I’d like to say thank you to those that read this blog. I know I am only a sixteen year old girl with lots left to learn, so taking time to read the things I have to say means a lot to me. I really appreciate the support I have received not only from friends, but also from people I have never had the privilege to meet. Once again, thank you!



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