Habits of Happiness.

Lately I have found a strong interest in the mind set of Buddhists. Just last week, I visited a Buddhist temple in Farmington and met monks who showed more kindness and meekness that any other group of people I have met in my near 17 years of life. These men were so gentle and at peace with themselves that stepping into their place of meditation seemed like stepping into a whole new world. They don’t have any expensive possessions, just simple orange robes and prayer rugs. Yet, with the little amount of things they owned they were more content than the people who have beautiful homes, nice cars, and pricey belongings.

It was such a life changing experience, it made me look inward on what I center my life around. I found a lot of fault in myself and by being with these kind monks I see how I would like to improve. I see happiness in them, and I admire their ways of achieving it. They truly inspire me, and words can not express the love I have for those monks by only meeting them for a few hours. These are the people we should aspire to become, not the athletes or movie stars, they are simply a distraction.

I cannot sum up the Buddhist people and their beliefs and views in one post so I’d rather show you this video on a monk named Matthieu Ricard and his thoughts on happiness. He speaks wisdom and he is much like the monks that I myself have met. I hope by watching this you see, like I did, what the meaning of happiness is and how it is a mind-set, not a situation or fleeting pleasure.



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