Life is hard being a left-hander….

Today I’m going to rant to you about the utmost important topic… that being the hardships of lefties. I myself am a proud lefthander, it is just one of my many ways I can claim to be a nonconformist and can call myself an original. However, with that uniqueness comes some unavoidable struggles…

Now, most of you righties that are reading this may call this post dramatic and think all is well whichever hand you use.. But, you few lefties, 12% of you to be exact, will understand and can empathize with me here on what I’m about to tell. So you privileged right-handers, read closely and maybe you will understand what we have to go through everyday.. After reading, I encourage giving us lefters a pat on the back, maybe even a lefty high-five, I promise you will make more friends doing so.


  1. SCISSORS..Now this is basic and probably the first thing that comes to mind but that makes it no less important. I use scissors daily, they accompany me when I wrap presents, make art projects, open packages or mail (mainly because I don’t know how to properly open an envelope) but either way everything is made 100X more difficult using the righty scissors. My hands have to curl and contort in ways that hands are not supposed to do and it leaves my hands feeling sore and bruised. Now you righties may say, “then get some lefty scissors”.. Well, my only answer to that is I dare you to try finding them. I personally have driven to target solely for the intent to find them, and as you can guess NO, they were not there. So people should be considerate to the 12% of the population that has to struggle daily when using the dreaded scissors.
  2. DRIVING.. In the summer, I would like to crank the jams, roll the window down and let my arm out to feel the sun… Well, I can’t do that now can I sense I’m a lefty and I drive with my left hand. Now on occasion I have been so upset that I said, “screw it” I’m going to drive with my right hand.. And if any of you have driven with me you would know that driving with the correct hand is hard enough for me as it is and trying a different hand would be fatal.. So to all you righties, don’t take it for granted, you’re the lucky one here, you get to enjoy cruising the town with the windows down. ( ←rhyme)
  3. EATING.. Sitting at a table with all right-handers is what I dread most in life, and it does happen a lot. When it does my elbows and hands ALWAYS collide with the food and the other person’s hands. It’s uncomfortable and you feel squished between to people and to avoid awkwardness you feel obligated to watch when they take a break from eating for you to begin. It just makes everything harder than it needs to be and so often times, like a loner, I prefer to eat alone… life is rough.
  4. SPORTS.. Now I have always aspired to be athletic. I have been on a tennis, soccer, golf, volleyball, and softball team. And you know why I sucked? Well, because I’m just not the coordinated BUT also because all the coaches were righties. They could never accurately teach me the correct form to throw a ball, how to serve, swing with a racket, or golf club because they always taught on the right side. Poor kids like me just failed miserably, it’s just another way we are at a disadvantage.
  5. PENS.. To sign any official document it is REQUIRED you use a pen. And for me this is quite a troublesome request. You see, every time I pick up a pen and write, the wet inks smears all over my hand and on the paper, leaving it look like I decided to use it as a paper towel. It does not look professional and it most defiantly is not attractive walking around with inked up palms..
  6. HANDSHAKES.. Now I saved the best for last.. Handshakes, high-fives, and knuckles are ALWAYS preformed with the right hand. How in hell do you expect me to give a firm handshake when my right hand has the strength and coordination of a newborn? It’s unfair. I bet if I tried giving you a lefty handshake you would quiver in uncomfortableness and return with a weak shake.. Then maybe you would understand how left-handers feel..

Well, there you have it.. To all you readers out there I apologize for my angry rant about my life’s struggles as a lefty, but I hope I enlighten you just in the slightest about the struggles I endure along with the 12% of the world. Now to leave this post I will share with you some random and interesting facts about being a lefty in hopes that I might somehow bring you knowledge on things of importance.

▪ Obama is a lefty.

▪ 100 years ago left-handers were considered sinners and could be punished by the catholic church

▪ There is a town in West Virginia called “Left Hand”

▪ Lefties statistically are more creative. 🙂

↑ And if you would like to know more, read this book.. Yes, I do read books on things like dominate hands..

Okay, you are informed now.. Enjoy your night and thanks for reading my most random post ever made.

Hopefully your favorite lefty,



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