Does this mean I am now a Utahan?

The view from my window :)

Blog after blog has been the anticipation of the day I leave for college. And well, here I am. Currently I am resting on my clothing filled floor in the process of repacking to move into my dorms. Seeing my belonging stuffed into bags and boxes gives me almost a nomad feeling, and I kind of like it. I have been known for my obsessive cleaning tendencies and crazy lady collection of febrezes and other air fresheners but here I feel at ease even with the catastrophic mess that surrounds me. I have made it, I no longer have a house but I see the mountains and beautiful valleys that I have the ultimate privilege to call home.

Out here it is like a different world, and no I am not fully referring to the exploding amounts of Mormons but more of the environment. As I look out my window I see Y Mountain and a waterpark, but the waterpark is beside the point. On my morning run I was mesmerized by how insignificant I was in comparison to the passing Mount Tipanogos. It was a great feeling, so great that I smiled the whole time even though my lungs were on fire due to the change in elevation. So no, it may not be my Hawaii but I’d say the beauty is a close call. To me, Hawaii is an 11.6 on a 1 to 10 scale and Utah is sitting comfortably at a 10, so I don’t have many complaints at the moment. I am just taking it all in with a unbreakable grin. ←unintentional rhyme..success.

Now, as for my feelings of being here… Everything has finally fit into place. In one of my prior blogs I mentioned that I expected things to tie together and have a happy ending to childhood. And guess what? It actually did. The ending didn’t come naturally as hope but rather I had to create one for myself. I had to say goodbye to a lot of people and even places, but after I sent my last letter out and sat on the dock one last time I realized I did get the ending. I got the closure I needed, and I feel that I have let go of my past. It was a weird feeling walking on campus all day and the going to the apartment to check facebook only to realize that I don’t really care to reminisce on my friends from MN. Now, that in no way means I don’t care or call them friends, but it does mean I have moved on. Being out here is a different world and I feel no connection or desire to spend my mind in Minnesota. I have gotten to where I worked for and it would be a waste if my heart was somewhere else. I live in Utah, and I feel that my heart is here with me at the moment and while I am here I expect it to stay that way.

Sadly, I have to get back to packing & I thought I should keep everyone informed and updated in this quick post. But before I go, I would like to thank the people that follow this blog and take an interest in what I have to say. These past few weeks I have receive a lot of emails about how my blog has either brought smiles or tears, and how some feel they can relate to my experiences and feelings. That was my ultimate point in this blog and I am so thankful that it has been a joy to read. I love to hear from you all! It means the world! I’ll try to keep up with my blogging more than I have this past month. So you will hear a lot from me whether you like it or not… mehhh >:)

With love, Your newly Utahan Katie.

WAIT.. does being here make me a Utahan or do I have to be here for a certain time to get the “honor”? Well, whocares. Goodnight.


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