If you’re feeling the slightest bit hipster

Recently, I have formed a new obsession. Day after day I find myself curled up in the comfort of twin bed, when I’m supposed to be in class, watching spoken word poems. I know it sounds like quite a bore, however, would I be blogging about something if it wasn’t of absolute quality??

My normal self would not even find interest in spoken word because as much as I love poems, I just like to read them to myself. But, watching Andrea Gibson proves me ever so wrong. Now I feel reading them to myself becomes inadequate. Trust me, you will understand after a listen. So here it goes, if you want to feel cool or maybe even a little hipster, please watch my most favorite poem writer/speaker in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

The first poem she reads is just the most beautiful thing ever heard… It brings tears to my eyes each time. Enjoy



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