If God is love…

Since I begin all my post with a time of night I might as well surprise you all and mention it is 3:00 in the day. That’s a first. The reason it’s daytime and I’m blogging is because I hope to make more sense in this post than any other post before. There is no greater topic closer to heart than this one. And for me to write it at night when I am delusional and chatty would not do this justice.

The topic for today and every other day in my life is religion and God. Each post of mine I somehow seem to talk of God and his plan for me and trusting in him. That’s because God to me is hope, He is light and He is love. I don’t have a perfect understanding of heaven or of religion, but I do know one thing, and that is that God is love.

I feel that a lot of the time we get distracted from that. We often get worked up over whose religion is right and who is more spiritual and who is wrong. It is everywhere we go, we have wars all around the world going on right this very moment over religion. So, I ask to post this question.. If God is love then how can we justify the hate have often have for other religions. How can we call others wrong and ours right? How can we be so naive to not realize that these things are not of God. Because if God is love, and if that is true then how can we hate. How can we judge one another in the name of God?

I ask you to think, could we all be right, and maybe there isn’t only one answer. If God is love then wouldn’t he love all, no matter the religion they have or the way they pray. I believe God is not prideful, I believe he listens to all prayers no matter the form, he would not tell someone the way they worship is wrong, so who are we to do so. If God is love, then why can we not love?

To me it makes no difference whether you worship in a chapel, cathedral or mosque, or whether you believe God to be an actual being or an essence or light. All that matters is that we are trying to find God. That we want to know God. That is all God is asking for, is for us to see him all that we do. All religions have truth to them. Why fight over which one is right, they all have the same intention, and that is to bring each other closer to God.

We all have our story of conversion and how we came to believe what we believe. That is because religion and beliefs are personal. I know in my life, after having much criticism in for my religion from people of other faiths and even from my own, I have come to realize that my relationship with God is just that, between me and God… just the two of us.

I have spent much of my life questioning, and wondering what to be true. But after much time, I have come to believe the church I am apart of is true to me. I do not claim to know it all, I do not say it is right for everyone or that I agree with all the people in it, but I believe the core to be true with all my heart. I do not always agree with the little things, and I often tend to argue and question because that is who I am, I’m always going to be hardheaded. But, I do know that the overriding message is true. I don’t allow the little things to get in the way anymore, and I see my beliefs and religion how they really are.. and that is, God is love. I hope that everyone can find that truth for themselves however the form.

If there is one wish I have for the world, it is to accept the truth in our lives. To look past judgment, hate, and criticism and to find God in all that we do. To accept others, to love others, and to love our differences that will always be there. But most of all, I hope that each one of us can kneel and ask God to show his love for us, because I can promise you no matter your religion, no matter the place you worship, or even if you don’t know if God is there, God will show you his love for you. Never allow yourself to forget the love God has for you. If we could all do that, then imagine the world we could live in. A world centered around love and acceptance. That is the kind of world I dream to one day live in…



2 thoughts on “If God is love…

  1. Amen. I think the Ultimate test of Spirituality is whether or not we can acknowledge God or Truth outside of our own traditions and beliefs. It is quite simply an Error to ever perceive our limited understandings as theological supremacy.

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