The Plan of Happiness, Graciela Olesen.

Tonight at midnight, while doing my usual night routine of writing papers, making lists, and worrying about the next day, an old friend posted a film. This is not just any film, nor one that I can watch then go on with my usual night schedule and allow myself to worry about such travails things as papers and lists. I don’t have words that could even come out eloquently enough to do this film and this story the slightest justice. But here I am still, with all my might, trying.

Franco Olesen, someone who I have spent my childhood with, who will always have a place in my heart, directed this film about his mom Graciela. She was THE most decent, wonderful, kind woman this world has ever had. She left this earth to be with her Heavenly Father this April, yesterday being the sixth month anniversary of her passing. This is a story of her last months with Leukemia.

If you look at this film with your eyes, you will see death and sadness. It’s a hard film to watch, as was seeing Graciela struggle with it each time I saw her. However, If you look with your heart you will see much more than sadness alone. You will see Love. Life. and Family. This a story of death, but also it is a story of life. To see the people that have passed in all that we do. To find light and hope even though they are gone. This is a story, of appreciating the life around us and truly understanding The Plan of Happiness.

Franco has given me permission to post this, so please, take some time out of your day to watch.. allow yourself to see with your heart.

“I want to thank my Mum for helping me see the beauty in Life. I have made a commitment for the rest of my life to never ever forget how beautiful life is” ~Franco Olesen



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