Stoplight Moments: Resolutions Round Two


It’s 3 o’clock on this delightful morning, and I’m in the comfort of my newly change snowflake sheets, laying beneath strings of Christmas lights, and counting down the days till I’ll be home. I have made an effort in making my dorm feel as much like home as possible, yet no matter the amount of Moroccan lanterns, gold framed photographs or woven baskets can even make the slightest comparison to my little home back in Minnesota. Sure I will be coming home to an empty room and living out of a suitcase, but my excitement remains as I think of the fireplace and my puppies that are awaiting me, ohh and my family.. I guess. (just kidding mom and dad).

But to the point of the post… Christmas is coming up and my roommate and I decided to spend the night thinking of our upcoming goals for the year ahead. Why we are planning ahead so much is due to our hope that we can start them early so our “improved selfs” can be ready in time for 2013. So, we sat together brainstorming among self-help books and cheerful Christmas music to come up with some peachy ideas of goals and new traditions together. We compiled a lovely list that I myself am quite proud of and actually have excitement to start.

Now much like last years goals, I tried to focus on realistic changes that will bring me and others happiness. Last years goal was only a single goal, to live in the moment, and I am proud to say I have been fairly good at staying away from the what ifs and whens. So with that accomplished it is time to add on a few more. I won’t let go of last years goals because I am still far from perfect on staying in the now, but a couple more improvements couldn’t hurt my progression.

Here goes the list…

Steps to a happier self in 2013 and beyond: 

~Let Go, Let God. Next year will be full of changes and new places for me, I hope above all that I will trust that God has a plan for me and will guide and protect me. There is nothing more important than having an understand that God loves and has a way for me. So I plan to let go, stop all the unneeded stress and put it in Gods hands and trust.

~Random Acts of Kindness. There is this cute website that shows pictures that people posted of ways someone has made their day brighter, whether it was a simple note, or some extra change taped to a vending machine, it was enough to put a smile on someones face. I want to be apart of that. Each week I will make it a goal to go out of my way and do something sweet for someone I know or even complete stranger.

~Unplug. I have found that my days often consist of my face glued to a computer screen. I want to take at least a 1 hour break from all electronics and indulge myself in some good ol’ reading time. This goal is one I am looking forward to. I have so many books that I have yet to read and this year that will all change. Classics here I come!

~Write Pretty Words, Read Pretty Words. I want to spend more time writing on this blog and in my journal. A lot is changing and I would like to account for those moments and look back as I grow. Along with this I want to read other’s blogs and find some more understanding through someone else’s eyes

~More Stoplight Moments: I have this stoplight not far from where I live and I find myself from time to time sitting there with some hot chocolate or peppermint tea watching the lights change and thinking. I like to be alone and sometimes it can be hard when you live with 40 girls. So, I want to spend more time alone and in thought. I have come to find that the most meaning thinking come from that stoplight and I want this year to be full of those moments.

So, here are my goals for this year. I am excited because most goals seem strenuous and take a lot of work. But this year I’d like to focus on simple things that bring me joy, not huge overhauls or a big diet plan. I want this year to be filled with happiness and memories. I want to see these large changes in my life come with positive energy and a sense of understanding. Cheers to Christmas and the upcoming year. I wish you all luck on your grand adventures that this year brings you and hope your goals follow with them.

~A Hopeful Katie


2 thoughts on “Stoplight Moments: Resolutions Round Two

  1. “the direction you are traveling in is more important than how far you get”
    “go confidently in the direction of your dreams”
    “they don’t need to be big [movements, changes, goals], just make them distinct!”

    Good luck with your goals!! I think you have set out good ones!

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