Remember When?


I am now living the life many college students dream and envy. Currently, I am lounging on a comfy couch, drinking hot chocolate by a Christmas tree, after eating a home cooked meal. I wouldn’t want to spend my late night any other way. HOME!

It’s been around 6 months since I have been back; and coming to Minnesota has been surprisingly bizarre to me. I feel like I’m an elderly woman visiting her childhood home. I look around and think: “ohh remember when,” or “that’s the time that” and the phrase too often to come out of my mouth “back in the day” all seem to occupy my mind…. It all seems so past to me.

Then the most telling of all was finding the box that held the only things I didn’t bring to college, including my photo albums and my many overfilled journals. I couldn’t draw my eyes away from them… I was glued. I read about the time I skipped school to spend the day with my friend and my parents called the police thinking I was kidnapped, and the time I danced to Iron and Wine in the middle of the street with my high school sweetheart, or when I got stuck in a blizzard on New Years and didn’t come home so I started off the year grounded… and my personal favorite, the time I thought this attractive senior (that has never met me) was about to give me a hug so I openly and excitedly held him, only to find he was going in for the girl behind me..I was mortified for days!

Reading and reliving all these events brought up a big smile and some giggles. It was so nice looking back. But what I realized most from reminiscing, was how my past and childhood did get the pretty “bow on top” ending that I feared so much wouldn’t happen.

At the time of leaving for college I wonder how I could ever let go of all I have here. I feared I would never move on from my high school love, and that my memories here would overpower the ones to come. I was afraid I would miss my friends and family too much that it would make college unbearable. However, what I found is that I look back at my life in Minnesota and smile; but that is all. I do not wish to go back. I have moments fleeting sadness of how things used to be, but they are nothing compared to moments of excitement and happiness from my new developing life. I find myself constantly amazed at the experiences I have had, the people I have met, and the lesson I have learned in my short six months away from home.

I’m happy to say that I am no less than joyful to look and find myself in a different place in life. It doesn’t make my past any less wonderful or meaningful but it does mean I have moved on..

Yet every once in a blue moon I will look back and smile and find myself saying “remember when?”

~Merry Christmas to all my fellow bloggers and followers, Katie


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