ALOHA! I realize that my New Years goal was to keep up more with this blog, however my new schedule and planning my transfer to BYU Hawaii (I’ll update you on the exciting news soon) has taken a majority of my time. One thing that I have yet to neglect is photography, and so here I am to show my latest portraits of my dear friend, Samantha. These were really fun to take, nothing serious about these. Hope you enjoy. LOTS MORE BLOGS AND PHOTOS TO COME THIS YEAR.

SAM 2SAM 4SAM 1SAM 3~Katie


2 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. You are a brilliant photographer, Katie. I just decided that you are going to be the photographer for my wedding. Kapeesh? Sam looks gorgeous. I may just have to take a trip up to Provo to pay you to get some pre-mission photographs done. I want to take some hippy/bohemian/crazy awesome pictures. Keep writing on your blog, I live for it! 🙂

    1. haha, I would LOVE to do your wedding 😉 and please do come up to Provo, we can do some missionary pictures and get some creative fun ones thrown in there. Love you, Miss you!

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