Sharing Love. 30 Day Challenge.

4353921014_bb42046bfe_oIt’s a lovely night where the weather is finally warming up “enough” for me to spend time at my stoplight. Granted it’s only 20 degrees out and yes, there is still snow on the ground and my fingers tend to look like red shriveled old lady hands when I return, but still I find beauty in going out as much as my life permits me to; even if I only stay for a few minutes to watch the lights change a couple rounds then hurdle myself back inside to warmth. Even with those drawbacks I find that my time is well worth the momentary treachery because of where my mind tends to wonder when I’m there alone.

I have come to realize a pattern in my life. My days seem to blur together and weeks pass by and people ask “What’s New?” and my reply almost every time… “nothing much.” What a boring way to go about life. In the mist of schedules and everyday life errands I find myself stuck in the same rut of routine. I guess it has its positives, and I find that I have become a lot more organized than before. But when routine consumes your life, a wake up call is needed. Some change needs to be introduced.

So, tonight my wake up call was in the form of a TEDtalk. There I was in my routine of a nightly show/TEDtalk and I watched one that struck a chord inside me. A 30 day challenge. I myself, love a good challenge… How could I resist?

Do something you have always wanted to do or try, and do it for 30 days. That sounds pretty simple to me. What harm could adding something to the routine for 30 days do, right? The only dilemma was what to pick? I had so many ideas! I thought of a photo-a-day, blog-a day and even a book-a-day. However nothing seamed to get me all giddy inside. So, I went back to my goals for New Years and I thought of how I could incorporate it into my challenge. BINGO, found it. “Write pretty words” mixed with “Random acts of kindness.” What might that be?

Write a letter everyday!

For 30 days, I will think of someone who means something to me, and has somehow been important in my life whether in simple ways or in grand gestures. Then I will write them a letter, and not just a basic thank you in pencil on lined notebook paper, but a heartfelt, thought-out, genuine letter of how I appreciate them. What better way to spend the month of Valentine’s Day than sharing love with the people that mean the most to me?

Tomorrow is game day… I am anxiously excited not only to share the love and use up my cute stationary, but also for the month to come to an end and for me to reflect on what it has taught me. A blogpost will defiantly be in-store.

Hopefully this challenge will be more successful that my Rachel Ray Challenge back in the day… ↓ Fingers crossed.

With Lots of Love, Katie



4 thoughts on “Sharing Love. 30 Day Challenge.

    1. Triesha, I’m almost done with the challenge and I am loving it! You should really try it, it doesn’t just make other’s day, it makes yours! Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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