The Little Things.

533884_545933652084420_2016116467_nLong time no talk, it’s 3:20am and I am all bundled up in my pj’s amidst the snowy weather bombarding us here in Utah. It’s been a busy couple weeks, especially considering my 30 day letter challenge, (can’t wait to update you more when this month comes to an end), but until then I want to talk about the little things. The seemingly insignificant moments that tend to be over looked and the smiles that often get taken for granted.

You see I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I have a lot of big moments that I anticipate and spend my nights pondering, like high school graduation, my anniversaries, or the day I left for college.

Those were some beautiful moments.

However, what if they are just what they are called? Simply moments. They leave, they pass and they become our yesterdays. And what if we all, including me, spend too much time plotting out moments and anticipating them only to find a few weeks from now we will find another to think about. Is this so wrong? I do not know the answer..

But I do know one thing…

Seeing the sun begin to peeking through the mostly cloudy skies is a beautiful thing. And the cleaning lady that smiles to me on my way out to class is something to be happy about. And receiving a letter in the mail from a friend back from home is a moment that brings me joy. And when I really think about it, these “insignificant” moments aren’t all that different from the big moments. Because they all serve the same purpose…

They make your heart feel warm and cause the corners of your mouth to perk up because these moment bring you happiness. And some even say that happiness is quantifiable, but what if it is just a feeling within us all able to come out when even the littlest joys are placed in our lives?

With this said, What if I took to time to allow more of those moments into my life? What if I searched for the little things instead of anticipating the large?

I wish to spend less on planning moments and more on noticing them. The things that in the mist of the hustle of our daily lives we often don’t recognize. I hope to slow down and allow myself to find them, and to appreciate. Because once I can find that within myself I know I will find many more of those moments.

Just a short thought I wanted to share tonight.

Sending all my love, Katie


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