30 Day Letter Challenge, Concensus.

A-pile-of-letters-to-GodGood Morning and happy Sunday to you all!! Yes, you read that right, it is the morning and I am waking up from a good nights rest, what a delightful surprise. With this unexpected sleep I hope I come to you with more clarity than normal unlike my usual babble that I spew out at 4 in the morning.

So, by reading the title you probably know what this is about; no need for an introduction, I’m just going to jump on in. This 30-day letter challenge has been a refreshing change for me. I often find myself caught up in a routine and this was my way to switch things up and put other people at the center stage of my mind.

At first the excitement could not be stronger. I went to the store and got the snazziest stationary I could find and colored pens to make up for my awful handwriting. From there I created a list of people I needed to let know they were loved by me. Then the good part, I began to write…

My letters ranged from thank you, I love you, I miss you, or simply I want you to know I’m thinking about you. First week or two I felt I could write for days. My letters were pages long, and some even came with chocolates or a teddy bear. But, as you and I could guess, at times it became over whelming and a bit of a pain. I would come home at 3 in the morning wanting to crash but remembered I had to find my stationary in the dark without waking my roommate and write in the only place that had light, the bathroom. Picture me two inches from the toilet crouched down on the floor writing a letter with my eyes fighting for the strength to stay open, quite the struggle if you hadn’t already concluded.

But the real question from this all is… Was it worth it? Was writing a letter everyday worth my time and effort? Did it make any difference in the relationships I have?


Each night I sat down to write, the love I was hoping to share seemed to come to me. I found myself less judgmental of them, I allowed myself to forget the things they had done that had caused me dismay or the little things that accumulated into larger annoyances. I found more love for them. Some people wrote me letters back and it made my relationship with them stronger, we both felt more appreciated and needed and to have that is worth the 15 or so minutes it took to write it down. Another thing that I found was that some people didn’t even mention the letter. At first I was a little upset because I had spent all that time and I hoped to get a thank you or even “I got your letter.” But then, I realized that was beside the point of the whole challenge.

This letter challenge was not for me to feel appreciated; it was not for me to get praise or a thank you letter back. It was for me to show gratitude and place value on the relationships that I have. Once I realized that I had the focus wrong the time before, I began to write more and more anonymous notes. What I found, is those were my absolute favorite! I once learned from some Buddhist writings that in order to see the “inner nobility and beauty of all human beings” we must change our focus in how we show charity to others. “It means we stop relating to everything in a way that aims only at preserving or cherishing ourselves.” In other words, serve and love others not for our recognition or for the appreciation you will receive, but to do it solely because you want to see others happy. Sounds simple, but it is something I need to keep in check when I serve others. I hope the next time I decide to be service oriented I will have that mind-set along with me from the start.

So, with this letter challenge accomplished I hope to move on to another. Not sure what yet. If you have any ideas, message me or comment below, I would love your input!

~With love, Katie

P.S I urge my fellow bloggers to give it a try. (It’s worth it).


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