My long-awaited adulthood


I was 12 years old sitting outside my kitchen window watching my 18-year-old sister and her friends spraying each other with the garden hose in the front yard; I remember thinking, “One day I’ll be grown up like her and be in high school, I’ll have a car to drive, a curfew later than 8:30 and maybe even older boys to spend my days with.” I would always imagine what it would feel like to be “old” and what I would look like and if I ever would grow breasts like the all the girls in high school seemed to have. Turning eighteen always felt so glamorous, yet so far away…

Well, on May 10th this year, I awoke to the realization I had reached my 12-year-old dream of becoming eighteen.

Is it all that I imagined it to be?

No. Not at all.

I still cuddle with my pink baby blanket, and I have my 7th grade retainer still propped up in my mouth every time I awake to my alarm clock amidst my ipod dock that is my substitute for a nightlight. Not quite how I imagined being an adult to look and feel like, however, my vision of eighteen became less clear as the years seemed to pass and my dreams began to evolve…

As you know I graduated last year leaving behind my senior prom and homecoming football game to the rest of my grade, while I pursued college with the older kids. With that came quite the adventure that later led to me fulfilling my childhood dream of being a teacher and a newer dream of mine, to travel. Tomorrow morning I will be leaving on a 32 hour trek to the other side of the world to be a teacher in Nepal… *Typing those last few sentences gave me the shivers* I have waited for this dream much like the 12-year-old me waiting to grow up. Here I am “grown up” and leaving everything familiar and comfortable behind to pursue yet another dream.

The next few months will hold a whole new set of obstacles and triumphs never before documented in my journal, displayed within my photos, or typed on this blog. I will be in a new world. With that I hope and pray comes a new outlook on my life and the universe around me. I plan on sharing with you the experiences and people God has place in my way to attribute to this new perspective. (I will not have internet access for the next two months, but when I do be waiting for some updates…. and of course, PHOTOGRAPHY.)

My heart cannot stop smiling for what is to come of my long-awaited adulthood.

पेाचे हुनु तिमी सबै लाई सन्गै र धेरै मायागर् छ.

Namaste my friends, Katie


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