Building Treehouses



I’ve noticed a pattern in my blogging. I always open this blog when my life is overflowing with things to do, yet I start writing and I can’t seem to let my fingers have a break until everything on my mind is silenced. So, here I am. Same story as always, it’s late and I want to share with you something I’ve thought about lately. Here comes the word vomit.  (lovely picture, you’re welcome)

I met this man a few weeks ago, for his sake I will leave him anonymous and call him John. John is talented in just about everything. He built a treehouse that he now calls home, he makes his own clothes and started a business selling homemade bags and shirts, also he is an amazing videographer and photographer, his favorite thing to do is cook meals from every region aka he is a great cook, and he can do back flips and every gymnastic trick you can think of. (crazy long run-on but I clumped it together for the dramatic affect. is it working?)

After hearing his array of talents I sat back and took a hard look at myself. “hmmm, what are some talents of mine?” I could list maybe a few and even those are not talents as presentable as John’s. This got me thinking.. “What am I doing with my time?” “Do I have anything to show for myself?” “Can I say I’ve built a flippin treehouse?” The answer is pretty simple, no.

The life of Katie Bak consists of waking up, listening to music as I get ready and grab some clothes for the day. Rush to work in a hurry because I most likely lost track of time in the reruns of Michael Jackson’s album, then spend a few hours editing videos for my school’s online magazine. I go to class, take notes but mostly daydream about what it would be like to kiss the guy sitting next to me in my communications class, then go home to a microwave dinner, meet up with friends till midnight, shower, read The Book of Mormon then some fun trashy book then do it all over again the next day. I enjoy my days, I really do, but the problem is I see little progress in myself. I don’t work to develop talents.

I did piano for a few years when I was young and still I couldn’t read a single note (so the picture above is me pretending to be talented but really I’m a total poser.) I tried just about every sport and fail massively at all them considering I wanted to pick flowers in the field instead of focus on the ball. My cooking is an absolute disaster because I’ve burned all my pots and pans and set the kitchen on fire more than one occasion and don’t even get me started on my lack of painting/drawing abilities. After these experiences and failures I stopped trying. I quit doing them all and went on with my life accepting myself as a woman free of talents. but it is time to stop.

or I guess it is time to do..

I want to spend my time learning, not just through books and classes but I want to go out and try things. I want to start doing yoga again but with real dedication, I want to learn to cook a meal other than mac-in-cheese from a box. I want to paint the places I’ve been and learn to throw a football without spraining my wrist. I want to do these thing because I desire to show I’ve done something with my time.

Goal Time. Starting with the simple..

November’s goal: Get some books on yoga, watch some videos and start it up again. Simple enough, yeah?

I’ll get back to y’all in December and let you know how it goes. Hopefully it goes better than my last cooking month… hahah. ohh dear, it can’t get much worse than that. ↓


I’m going to get back to my homework and reading my guilty pleasure books. I urge you all to think about what your talents are and answer this. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do/learn that you haven’t yet done? DO IT. Yeah that’s right! Yeah you, DO IT. I believe in you. Okay, the pressure is on, join me in my goals.

Goodnight, Katie


2 thoughts on “Building Treehouses

  1. Katie Bak, I love this post! I lol’d a lot; but on the Serious side of Things, scope out and do the free trial! There is SO MUCH great content on there! Like so many other activities, yoga is just a Practice, and Practice makes Possible! Good luck! I can’t wait to hear about the adventure!

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