Walking Paradox

nepalese-feetThis blog has greatly evolved from its original intent as a collection of my ideas and experiences, assembled together with the theme, “let it be like breathing.” What developed over the course of the past few years is a much more complex, and to some, very dichotomous collection of thought. What started as a blog of lessons and life experiences transcended into a collection of discussions on world religions, feminism and spoken word poems, along with some of my own words and photographs.

Because of my diverse interests, desires, and beliefs, I decided it is insufficient to simply pick one aspect of who I am and display that for this blog. My entries are now constantly changing because I am changing: my interests have expanded, my advocacy is heightened, and I have become more ponderous through my experiences in travel, my connection to my religion, and my relationships. For these reasons, my blog must evolve into more than I intended. I want the complexity and dichotomy of human nature to appear through my work.

If figuring me out isn’t always the easiest, then I have done my job well, because I am trying to figure myself as well (aren’t we all)?

If this blog, my entries, and my life were to be stagnant, wouldn’t that be a cause for concern? And wouldn’t confining my ideas to one narrow cause or specific topic be a dishonest portrayal of the multifarious nature of life?

I am a walking paradox…  I am a Buddha-loving Mormon. An extroverted world traveler who is simultaneously a book-worm who often needs endless amounts of alone time. I am an avid planner and goal-setting master, and also a “live in the moment” and “trust in God’s plan” kind of person. I am a loud voiced activist and feminist yet I hold onto peacebuilding unity-based values. I am a health food fanatic, frequently diving into books on health only to eat copious amounts of chocolate, which exceed anyone in a 100-mile radius. I am a poem writing novas photographer, trying to let go of society’s fixation with money and individualism, all the while pursuing a political science major, and dreaming of being a diplomat.

With all those labels I placed on myself, it is apparent that none of them truly define who I am as a whole (except some may say “confused” is an all-inclusive label, and well I guess I wouldn’t completely disagree, haha). But you get the point, right?

I am, like all human beings, complex. I am not one thing or another, nor do I wish to be, nor do I wish this blog to be. I have been giving this blog much thought recently, and something came to mind that my father always used to tell me. He taught me three things to never talk about in casual conversation: money, politics and religion. Well first, this isn’t casual conversation, and second, I completely disagree. This blog will be a place to share thoughts on all aspects of life, including such controversial topics as religion, money and politics, but I’m not going to stop there. This blog has and will continue to be a place of art, a place of creativity where poems are written, and a place of life insights. I hope in the progressing years, nothing will be left unexplored.



3 thoughts on “Walking Paradox

  1. “the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

      1. Not a skill everyone has, but when it’s there, things like Politics, Money, and Religion make great casual conversation topics! 😉

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