Someone’s Daughter


To the man that told me “Honey, you’re too pretty to serve a mission, you will find a husband soon,”

I’m sure you thought your words would flatter me. I am sure you meant no harm and in some twisted way you believed I would say thank you, or breathe a sigh of relief. Honey, you were wrong.

I am not offended by your remark; rather I am saddened that all you saw of my worth was my appearance. I am saddened that you truly believed that being pretty exempted me from God’s service, and that getting married was all I had to look forward to.

I am not a pawn to be moved into the arms of a husband because I am pretty. My goals in life are not to simply be a wife, I want to be much more. Just to name a few, I want to a leader, a teacher, a missionary, a college graduate, an activist, a humanitarian, a diplomat, a comedian, a world traveler, and yes I too want to be a wife and a mother. But I never want to be called merely a wife, nor do I want to be simply pretty.

I pray you one day are graced with a daughter that will become your shining pride and joy. I want her first words to echo in your mind like your last, and I want you to do all you can protect her and let her know you would give your life for her to have even one more breath. I hope you find other nicknames for her than princess, and when people look at her and say how pretty she is, you believe that the word “pretty” is unworthy of everything she is. But mostly I pray you see her dreams, her passions, and her interests just as important as your own and worthy of being pursued. So when she comes to you wanting to go to graduate school, travel the world, or God forbid, serve a mission, you look at her with all the love you did when she first wrapped her tiny fingers around your thumb, you tell her you are proud to stand by her side.

I also hope one day, you see that I too am someone’s daughter.

Sincerely, A missionary in 3 days, Katie


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