Broken Hearted Girl


Broken Hearted Girl,

Add this ache to the mosaic of loves lost and expired pets- hang it over your dining room table for your guests to admire. Sure the pieces may be sharp like your breath the night he told you he misplaced his fondness in someone else, but that sharpness will cut through the illusion that love is a Sunday walk and a Wednesday dream.

Aren’t you glad it was never supposed to be that easy.

Sometimes love gives you sunburns that turn into freckles. Forget airbrush, forget coverup, baby your freckles are the reminder of your yearning, of your longing for something real. This reminder is much like this grief that has occupied your walk home. Stop avoiding it. Grief is not always your enemy. Sometimes it is your gift, written on God’s congratulations stationary for believing in love. Always believe in love.

Not enough people do.. They replace it for censored, for safe, for convenient. But not you Broken Hearted Girl, continue on this vigilant search for meaning, this offering of sincerity that leaves you naked more than it leaves you guarded or hardened.


Mosaic Art By Melonhead Gallery


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