The Why

This blog was destined to become yet another unfinished project, to be thrown into my back pocket, and toted along with my seven times changed college major and just about every New Year’s resolution I’ve ever made. Years later, however, I surprised myself with the fortitude of this page.

I started writing one late night in 2011 about the topic I was trying so intently to understand- my zealous, order disrupting, and quixotic 16 year-old self.

Yet, what originated as a mid-night diary evolved into something I now adore. This blog is the ongoing documentation of my uncertain life, and my starry-eyed perception of what it means to live a passionate (sometimes impulsive), meaningful and spiritual existence.

Few people express interest in what a twenty-something girl from the Midwestern United States has to say about her developing years, solo travels, and rather grandiose dreams. I’m sure there are far more fascinating things on the web. In all honesty, I don’t want to be the world’s entertainer; trying to please everyone would be exhausting.

The intention of this blog was never for others to understand me better, in fact I didn’t make it for other people at all. It was and is for me, to put poems and words to my longing heart and stories to the places it has taken me.

The only other souls I could think of writing this for are my children. I do not yet have any. However, I’ve spent my life loving them, regardless of their current lack of presence in this world. I write hoping one day they will read my words and see that their mother is human, that she understands, and that she went through her youth with aspirations, endless amounts of confusion and a “stubborn gladness,” hoping for them to have every chance to do the same.

Maybe some onlooker might find relatability or interest in my proverbial ramblings, or maybe my life gives them surety that they have their life together more than some frivolous millennial wanderer, and if so, they’re welcome to that interpretation. This blog is offered openly to the viewing of others. And this blog is also for my children, so they may know their mother as Katie.


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